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Lot 21990 - BERNHART Max. Die Münzen der römischen Kaiserzeit (Augustus - Septimus Severus). München w.d. 3 Voll. extremely rare Canvas, pp. 820, pl. 128 A work previously unknown on Roman numismatics designed as a complete corpus by Augustus to Romulus Augustus. It should probably be a German "Roman Imperial Coinage", the first four volumes of the RIC have already been incorporated. ...
Lot 21992 - HIRMER Max. Romische Kaisermunzen. Leipzig, 1941. Hardcover, pp. 66, pl. 48 of enlargements. Rare
Lot 21993 - IMHOOF-BLUMER Friedrich. Porträtköpfe auf römischen Münzen der Republik und der Kaiserzeit. Ristampa del 1922 dell'edizione di Leipzig 1892. Hardcover, pp. 16, pl. 4 Rare IV cover slightly damaged.
Lot 22222 - ADELSON Howard & KUSTAS George L. A bronze hoard of the period of Zeno I. New York, 1962. Paperback, pp. 88, pl. 2. In ANS Numismatic Notes and monographs n. 148.
Lot 22274 - NOE Sidney P. A Bibliography of Greek Coin Hoards. New York, 1925. Da A.N.S. Numismatic Notes and Monographs n. 25, Paperback, pp. 275. important
Lot 22276 - MAURICE Jules. L’atelier monétaire d’Aquilée pendant la période constantinienne. Milano, 1901. Paperback, pp. 42, pl. 1 very rare Very probably the first study on the Roman Aquileia mint
Lot 22277 - SECCHI Giampietro. Campione d’antica bilibra romana in piombo conservato nel Museo Kircheriano con greca inscrizione inedita. Roma, 1835. Binding in half red leather with gold decorations very rare pp. 35, pl. 1
Lot 22279 - KRAUS Franz Ferdinand. Die Munzen Odovacars und des Ostgotenreiches in Italien. Halle, 1928. Hardcover, pp. 227, pl. 16 rare and sought
Lot 22293 - MAZZINI Giuseppe. Monete imperiali romane descritte dall’Ing. G. Mazzini (5 voll.) Mario Ratto editore, Milano 1957-1958. Binding in blue canvas, back with gold decorations and golden upper cut: Edition of 500 numbered series rare Volum I : da Pompeo Magno a Domizia; pp. XIX, 277, pl. 98 Volum II : da Nerva a Crispina; pp. IX, 408, pl. 149 Volum III : da Pertinace a Filippo figlio; pp. IX...
Lot 22294 - GNECCHI Francesco. Medaglioni romani, Work in three volumes accompanied by 162 plates. Forni, Bologna, 1968Reprint of the Milan edition, 1912
Lot 22324 - GRUEBER Herbert Appold. Coins of the Roman Republic in the British Museum. Reprint London 1970 of the London 1910 edition. Canvas, 3 voll., pp. cxxv, 1432 (594, 602, 236), pl. 123
Lot 22328 - PAUTASSO Andrea. L’alfabeto di Lugano nelle monetazioni preromane. Lugano, 1984. Paperback, pp. 125, pl. 7 rare   
Lot 22349 - COCCHI ERCOLANI Emanuela. Metodi della ricerca numismatica e problemi della prima monetazione imperiale. Parte prima. Augusto. Bologna, 1978 Paperback, pp. 261, ill. in the text
Lot 22359 - KANKELFITZ Ralph B. Katalog Römischer Münzen - Von Pompejus bis Romulus. Battenberg, Munchen, 1981 Hardcover with jacket, pp. 576, ill. in the text
Lot 22371 - WEILLER Raymond & KRIER Jean. Der Schatzfund von Goeblingen-“Miécher” (1983). Antoniniane und Nachahmungen des spaten 3. Jahrhunderts. Studien zu fundmunzen der antike. Band 6. Berlin,1983. Paperback, pp. 94, pl. 33, 1 map
Lot 22377 - HIRMER Max. Romische Kaisermunzen. Leipzig, 1941. Hardcover, pp. 66, pl. 48 of enlargements. Rare back slightly damaged
Lot 22384 - BUTTREY Theodore V. The Triumviral Portraits Gold of the Quattuoviri Monetale of 42 B.C. New York, 1956. Paperback, pp. 69, pl. 9. important work  rare
Lot 22385 - WEST Louis C. Gold and Silver Coin standards in the Roman Empire. New York, 1941. Paperback, pp. 199, ill. rare
Lot 22399 - MATTINGLY Harold. Roman Coins from the Earliest Times to the Fall of the Western Empire. 2nd Edition 1960. 4to., pp. 303; 64 plates. In perfect condition. Privately purchased from Spink & Son.
Lot 22400 - AA. VV. La cultura bizantina. Oggetti e messaggio. Roma, 1986.Paperback,  pp. 331, pl. 16