Gela Litra, ca. 465-450 a.C.

Item no. 18170 (ARTEMIDEASTE)
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Greek Sicily. Gela. Litra, circa 465-450 BC. Obv. Horse right. Rev. CE-Λ-Α. Forepart of man-headed bull swimming right. SNG ANS 54-60. AG. g. 0.67 mm. 12.00 R. EF.
Sicilia Greca. Gela. Litra, ca. 465-450 a.C. D/ Cavallo stante a destra. R/ CE-Λ-Α. Protome di toro androcefalo che nuota a destra. SNG ANS 54-60. AG. g. 0.67 mm. 12.00 R. SPL.
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