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Coins 429
Annia Faustina, third wife of Elagabalus (Augusta 221 AD). AE 17 mm. Antiochia mint, Pisidia. Obv. ANNIA FAVSTINA AVG. Draped bust right. Rev. ANTIOCH COLONIA. Eagle with open wings, standing facing, head left. SNG BN Paris-. SNG Cop-. SNG von Aulock-. BMC-. Krzyzanowska ANN 1.1 var. (eagle's head right). Cf. NAC 25, lot 530 (same var.). AE. g. 1.95 RRRR. Of the greatest rarity and among the finest examples known. Superb expressive portrait. Dark green patina. EF.
Dr. Busso Peus 398, lot 714.