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Coins 120
Q. Fufius Calenus and Mucius Cordus. AR Denarius serratus, 70 BC. Obv. Jugate heads of Honos and Virtus right; in left field, [H]O and in right field, VIRT; below, KALENI. Rev. Italia, holding cornucopiae and Roma, holding fasces and placing right foot on globe, clasping their hands; at sides, [winged caduceus/ITAL]-RO. In exergue, CORDI. Cr. 403/1. B. 1. AR. g. 3.90 mm. 18.00 Scarce. A superb example of this fascinating issue. Wonderful iridescent old cabinet tone with reddish hues. Good EF/EF. 'This is an allusion to the recent pacification of Italy after the Social War, and conveys the intimation that in future this alliance would be under the special care of the divinities Honos and Virtus' (D. R. Sear RSC I, p. 49).