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Coins 202 A. Manlius Q.f. Sergianus. AR Denarius, c. 118-107 BC. D/ Helmeted head of Roma right, bowl decorated with plumes; before, ROMA; behind, SER. R/ Sol in quadriga facing, rising from the waves of the sea; on either side, star; above, crescent and X; in exergue, A. MANLI Q.F. Cr. 309/1. B.1. AR. g. 3.90 mm. 20.50 RR. Very rare. Nice old cabinet tone. Some areas of striking weakness and slight double obverse strike, otherwise VF. The reverse refers to the successes of Cn. Manlius Vulsio in Asia and Greece in B.C. 189-188. He brought into submission the Galatians, concluded a treaty witu Antiochus III of Syria and overran Thrace, Macedonia and Epirus. The East is represented by the Sun-god in his chariot.
(RSC I, p.61).