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Coins 256 C. Valerius Flaccus. AR Denarius, 82 BC. D/ Draped bust of Victory right; before, caduceus. R/ C. VAL. FLA. IMPERAT. Legionary eagle between two standards inscribed H (Hastati) and P (Principes); between them, EX S. C. Cr. 365/1c. B. 12. AR. g. 3.79 mm. 19.00 Scarce. A superb example for issue, perfectly centred on a broad flan and prettily toned. About EF. Minted in Massalia for payment of troops moving against Q. Sertorius in Spain. The first of a series of coinages in Roman numismatic showing a pure military connotation. See the close relationship to the legionary denarii of Mark Antony some 50 years later.