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Coins 257 C. Valerius Flaccus. AR Denarius, 82 BC. D/ Draped bust of Victory right; behind, X. R/ C. VAL. FLA. IMPERAT. Legionary eagle between two standards inscribed H (Hastati) and P (Principes); between them, EX. S.C. Cr. 365/1b. B.12. AR. g. 3.92 mm. 18.00 R. Good metal and full weight. Prettily toned, with golden hues. Almost invisible banker's mark on obverse, otherwise good VF. Minted in Massalia for payment of troops moving against Q. Sertorius in Spain. The first of a series of coinages in Roman numismatic showing a pure military connotation. See the close relationship to the legionary denarii of Mark Antony some 50 years later.