Coins 211

A. Albinus Sp.f. AR Denarius, 96 BC. D/ Diademed and draped bust of Diana right, bow and quiver on shoulder; below, ROMA. R/ Three horsemen galloping left; before, fallen warrior; in exergue, A. ALBINVS S.F. Cr. 335/9. B. 4. AR. g. 3.93 mm. 19.50 Good metal and full weight. Superb old cabinet tone. Metal flaw on obverse, otherwise EF. The gash across the obverse surface is an 'adjustment al marco'. (C. Stannard 'The adjustment al marco of the weight of Roman Republican denarii blanks by gouging' in 'Metallurgy in numismatics vol 3' Royal Numismatic Society, 1993).

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