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Coins 26 Greek Italy. Northern Apulia, Arpi. AE 21 mm. c. 275-250 BC. Poullos magistrate. D/ Bull butting right; below, ΠOYΛO. R/ APΠA/NOY. Horse galloping right. HN Italy 645. Cf. SNG ANS 645. AE. g. 9.11 VF. From HN Italy (p. 77): The presence of coins of this issue in the Morino hoard (IGCH 1995 = Crawford, RRCH 54) and the Italy, 1862 hoard (IGCH 2005 = Crawford, RRCH 28), buried c. 240-230, shows that they circulated in worn condition beside the ROMANO issues. It seems likely that the Poullos whose name is on this issue is the father of the Dazos who defected to Hannibal. The change of ethnic to a genetive singular seems to have occurred just before the first Punic War.