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Lot 20222 - Baktria, Indo-Greek Kings. Philoxenos. Circa 100-95 BC. Æ Hemiobol. 7,90 gr. - 20,2x20,8 mm. Pushkalavati mint? O:\ BASILEWS left, ANIKHTOU above, FILOXENOS right, city goddess standing left, holding cornucopiae in left hand, making gesture with outstretched right hand; monogram at feet left. R:\ Legend in Karosthi; humped Zebu bull standing right; [G] below. MIG 344d; Bopearachchi Sé...
Lot 20221 - Celts. Imitations of Philip II of Macedon (2nd-1st centuries BC). Drachm. "Kugelwange" type. 2.19 g. - 16 mm. O:\  Stylized laureate head of Zeus right. R:\ Stylized horse prancing left; pellet-in-annulet above. Lanz 503-8; OTA 204/3-4. VF\XF.
Lot 20218 - ROMAN EMPIRE. MAXIMINUS I°. 235-238 AD. SESTERTIUS. AE 16.65 gr. – 29.73 mm . O:\ IMP MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG; laureate bust right.. R:\ PAX AVGVSTI S C; Pax stg. Left holding olive branch and sceptre. RIC 81 var. VF+
Lot 20214 - Vespasian. AR Denarius. 75, Rome. 3,2 gr. – 18,52 mm. O:\ IMP CAESAR-VESPASIANVS AVG; Laureate head right. R:\ PON MAX-TR P COS VI; Pax seated left, branch in right hand, left arm resting on arm of chair. VF+
Lot 19124 - HERACLIUS. 610-641 AD. AE FOLLIS. 7,70 gr. - 24,5 mm. O:\ Heraclius (in centre), Heraclius Constantine (on right) and the Empress Martina (on left) all standing facing; each wearing crown and chlamys, and holding globe crossed in right hand. R:\ Large M surmounted by a cross; to left Monogram, above ANNO; to right numerals representing the regnal year, in ex. CO. BMC 181-94.
Lot 19122 - BYZANTINE EMPIRE. MICHAEL II. 820-829 AD. FOLLIS. MINT OF SYRACUSE. AE 2.40 gr. O:\ Facing busts of Michael and Teophilus. R:\ Large M, cross above, Θ beneath. BMC 20-27