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Lot 20259 - Southern Apulia, Brundisium, 2nd century BC. Æ Sextans (13mm, 2.67g, 6h). Wreathed head of Neptune r.; behind, Nike standing r. on trident, crowning him with wreath; two pellets below. R/ Phalanthos on dolphin l., holding Nike and lyre; two pellets below. HNItaly 751 corr. (Quadrans); SNG ANS -. Scarce, green patina, VFSK2584 
Lot 20269 - Pisidia, Selge, c. 350-300 BC. AR Obol (9mm, 0.92g, 12h). Facing gorgoneion. R/ Helmeted head of Athena r.; astralagos behind. SNG France 1934. Good VF SK2509 
Lot 20610 - Carthaginian Domain, Sicily, c. 370-340 BC. Æ (15mm, 5.52g, 7h). Head of Tanit l. R/ Horse prancing r. CNS III 3; HGC 2, 1668. Green patina, VF
Lot 20695 - Kings of Elymais, Orodes II (c. AD 100-150). Æ Drachm (15mm, 3.92g). Facing bust wearing tiara; anchor to r. R/ Dashes. Van’t Haaff Type 13.3. VF
Lot 20696 - Kings of Elymais, Orodes II (c. AD 100-150). Æ Drachm (14mm, 3.75g). Facing bust wearing tiara; anchor to r. R/ Dashes. Van’t Haaff Type 13.3. VF
Lot 20698 - Kings of Elymais. “Prince A” (c. AD 200-250). Æ Unit (13mm, 3.46g, 12h). Diademed bust l. R/ Artemis standing r., holding bow and plucking arrow from quiver. Van’t Haaff Type 19.1. 
Lot 20733 - Italy. Northern Lucania, Poseidonia. AR Diobol (12mm; 1.11g; 12h), circa 445-420 BC. [ΠOΣ]. Poseidon walking right, wearing chlamys and brandishing trident. To left, olive leaf with berry. R/ ΠOΣ. Bull walking left. In exergue, barley grain. Cfr. HN(Italy) 1119. SNG ANS 696-699.  Near VFLucania settentrionale, Poseidonia. AR Diobolo (12mm; 1.11g; 12h) circa 445-420 a.C. [&Pi...
Lot 20734 - Mysia, Kyzikos, c. 450-400 BC. AR Hemiobol (6mm, 0.34g, 1h). Forepart of boar r.; tunny to l. R/ Head of roaring lion l., retrograde K to l.; all within incuse square. Von Fritze II 16; SNG BnF 392. Near VF