Italy. Northern Lucania, Poseidonia. AR Diobol, circa 445-420 BC.

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Italy. Northern Lucania, Poseidonia. AR Diobol (12mm; 1.11g; 12h), circa 445-420 BC. [ΠOΣ]. Poseidon walking right, wearing chlamys and brandishing trident. To left, olive leaf with berry. R/ ΠOΣ. Bull walking left. In exergue, barley grain. Cfr. HN(Italy) 1119. SNG ANS 696-699.  Near VF

Lucania settentrionale, Poseidonia. AR Diobolo (12mm; 1.11g; 12h) circa 445-420 a.C. [ΠOΣ]. Poseidon che avanza a destra, indossa clamide e brandisce tridente. A sinistra, foglia d'ulivo con frutto. R/ ΠOΣ. Toro a sinistra. In esergo, chicco d'orzo. Cfr. HNItaly 1119. SNG ANS 696-699. qBB
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