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Lot 20140 - NAC – Numismatica Ars Classica. The BCD Collection Lokris – Phokis. Auction no. 55. Zurich, 8 October 2010. An essential reference for collectors of Lokris and Phokis regions. Hardcover, 475 lots, colour photos. As new
Lot 20138 - Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, SNG France 6 - 1; Italie - Etrurie - Calabre Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, 2003, 91 pages, 141 plates each with facing text, tall quarto, red cloth, dust jacket. New.
Lot 20137 - SNG Switzerland 1. Levante - Cilicia. Supplement 1, Zurich 1993, 18 pages, 35 plates with facing text, red cloth, dust jacket. New.
Lot 20136 - Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. France 5. SNG France 5. MysieBibliotheques Nationale de France, Department des Monnaies & Medailles et Antiques: Mysie, 2001, 40 pages, 136 plates each with facing text, large A4, red cloth, dust jacket. New.
Lot 20135 - Bendall S., Donald P.J., The Later Palaeologan Coinage. A.H. Baldwin & Sons, London 1979. Softcover, 271pp., line drawings.
Lot 20134 - Bendall S., Donald P.J., The Billon Trachea of Michael VIII Palaeologos 1258-1282. A.H. Baldwin & Sons, 1974. Softcover, 47pp., b/w drawings. NEW
Lot 19236 - Castelin C.O., Die Prager Groscher Wladislaus II. von Bӧhmen. B. Budweis 1934. Cardcover, 10pp., b/w illustrations, German. Good condition, bendings
Lot 19235 - Mercati S.G., Il Simbolo del Giglio in una Poesia di Leone il Sapiente. Estratto dai Rendiconti della Pontificia Accademia Romana di Archeologia, vol. XII, 1936. Cardcover, 8pp., Italian. Good condition 480  
Lot 19234 - The Journal of Roman Studies Volume XXII, 1932, Part 1. Cardcover, 134pp., 32 b/w plates, English. Good condition, cover damaged   Contents: A Bibliography of Sir George MacDonald’s Published Writings; A. Alfӧldi, “The Helmet of Constantine with the Christian Monogram”; J.G.C. Anderson, “The Genesis of Diocletian’s Provincial Re-organization”; D. Atki...
Lot 19233 - Sutherland C.H.V., Carson R.A.G., The Roman Imperial Coinage Volume VI – From Diocletian’s reform (A.D. 294) to the death of Maximinus (A.D 313). Spink reprint, London 2003. Hardcover, 727pp., 16 b/w plates. NEW  478 
Lot 19232 - Mattingly H., Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum III – Nerva to Hadrian. British Museum Publications, London. Reprint 1966. Hardcover with jacket, 640pp., 102 b/w plates, English. Very good condition 477 
Lot 19230 - Mattingly H., Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum IV – Antoninus Pius to Commodus. British Museum Publications, London. Photolitographic reprint 1968. Hardcover with jacket, 858pp., no plates, English. Very good condition 473 
Lot 19229 - Mattingly H., Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum II – Vespasian to Domitian. British Museum Publications, London. Photolitographic reprint 1966. Hardcover with jacket, 485pp., 83 b/w plates, English. Very good condition 475 
Lot 19228 - Monnaies Romaines - L'Univers des Monnaies - C.H.V. Sutherland - 1974. 312 pages avec 572 monnaies reproduites, 67 en offset couleurs et 505 en héliogravure. Hardcover with jacket. Used, very good copy. 472 
Lot 19227 - Carson R.A.G., Coins. Ancient, Mediaeval & Modern. Hutchinson & Co., second edition, London 1963. Hardcover, 642pp., 64 b/w plates, English. Very good condition 471 
Lot 19226 - Numismatic Notes and Monographs 119, 1950 - Notes on Syrian Coins, Henri Seyrig. New York, American Numismatic Society, 1950, 35 pages, 2 plates. Original card covers. Contents: I. The Khan el-Abde Find and the Coinage of Tryphon 1. The Khan el-Abde Find 2. The Helmet as a Coin Type 3. Phoenician mint of Tryphon 4. Dates of Tryphon 5. Aradus and Tyre an the war agains Tryphon 6. Synopsis on the Co...
Lot 19225 - The 1780 Restrike Talers of Maria Theresia - M Broome. Reprinted from the Numismatic Chronicle. Spink & Son Ltd (1972). Very good condition 468 
Lot 19224 - Balog P., The Coinage of the Ayyubids. Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication no. 12, London 1980. Hardcover, 334pp., 50 b/w plates. Very good condition 467 
Lot 19223 - Numismatic Notes and Monographs 52 - Corinthian Hoards (Corinth and Arta) - Oscar Ravel. The American Numismatic Society (1932). 27 pages, 3 plates. Used, very good, usual notes. 466 
Lot 19222 - Francesco Gnecchi, Monete Romane. Quarta edizione aggiornata con prezzi attuali delle monete. Ulrico Hoepli Editore, Milano 1935. Hardcover, 365pp., b/w illustrations, 25 b/w plates, Italian. Very good condition, yellowed, minor spine damage 465 
Lot 19221 - Numismatic Notes and Monographs no. 159: The Agrinion Hoard. Margaret. Thompson. American Numismatic Society (1968). 130 pages, 56 plates. Very good copy. Usual notes, cover little worn 464 
Lot 19220 - Copper Coins of Norway - O.P. Eklund. Reprinted from The Numismatist. 5pp. Good condition 463 
Lot 19218 - OLIVIERI. A. Monete e medaglie degli Spinola di Tassarolo, Ronco, Roccaforte, Arquata e Vergagni che serbansi nella R. Università ed in altre collezioni di Genova. Genova, 1860. Crown octavo, folding engraved map as frontispiece; title printed in gold and coloured ink; pp. ix, 285 (1); 22 engraved plates. Unopened, and virtually as issued in the original decorated blue card covers; ...
Lot 19217 - FRANZI. S. LA MONETA OGGETTO ISTORICO, CIVILE, E POLITICO. (Milan, 1769. (Reprinted Bergamo, 1987). Octavo, (16), 198, (2) pages. Faux vellum over boards, gilt. Very fine. Ciferri page 177 (original 1769 edition). Ex libris Ferdiando Bassoli. 460 
Lot 19216 -  PAGANI. A. Monete Italiane dall'Invasione Napoleonica ai Giorni Nostri (1796-1963). Second, revised edition. Milan, 1965. Large octavo, pp. (x), 382; (6); illustrated throughout. Cloth, gilt.459 
Lot 19203 -  LACLONDON ANCIENT COINSCarson R.A.G., Coins. Ancient, Mediaeval & Modern. Hutchinson of London, second (revised) edition 1970. Hardcover, 642pp., 64 b/w plates, English. Good condition, few notes.435
Lot 19202 -  LACLONDON ANCIENT COINSErnst B., Les Monnaies Francaises depuis 1848 – Die Franzosischen Munzen seit 1848. Klinkhardt & Biermann, Braunschweig 1968. Hardcover, 79pp., b/w illustrations, French and German text. Good conditionA4-378N36
Lot 19201 -  LACLONDON ANCIENT COINSBonhams, The Clarendon Coin Collection Part One. London, 28 March 2006. English coins. Softcover, 958 lots, colour photos. Good condition428
Lot 19200 -  LACLONDON ANCIENT COINSBaldwin’s, Byzantine Gold Coins from the P.J. Donald Collection. Auction no. 5. London, 11 October 1995. Softcover, 285 lots, b/w plates. Very good conditionN116
Lot 19199 -  LACLONDON ANCIENT COINSTriton V, The David Freedman Collection of Greek Bronze Coins. Classical Numismatic Group. New York, January 2002. 96pp., 600 lots, b/w illustrations. Paperback, very good condition, with prices realizedN121