Lot 280
Bonifatius, Comes Africae (422-431). AE 11mm. Carthage mint. Struck 423-425. Obv. DOMINIS NOSTRIS. Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev. Cross within wreath. RIC X 3814 (R3). AE. g. 1.07 RRR. F/About VF. Boniface was a succesfull Roman general who was appointed Comes Africae around 423 in order to wrest control of Africa from the Vandals. He controlled Africa under the reign of Johannes and Valentinian III, whom he supported but he eventually fell foul of Palace intrigues between Galla Placidia, Aetius and the Emperor. Driven out of Africa, he was confronted by Aetius and his German mercenaries, whom he defeated at the Battle of Ravenna. However he later died from his wounds. No coins carry the name of Boniface, however certain authorities have attributed this coin to the period of the mint of Carthage when he was in Africa.

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