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Annia Faustina, third wife of Elagabalus (Augusta 221 AD). AE 18 mm. Ephesus mint, Ionia. Obv. ΦAYCTЄINA CЄB. Diademed and draped bust right. Rev. ЄΦЄCIΩN. Nike advancing left, holding wreath and palm. SNG München 188. AE. g. 3.59 RRRR. Extremely rare and in excellent condition for issue. Expressive portrait. Dark green patina. About EF/Good VF. A descendant of Marcus Aurelius, Annia Aurelia Faustina became the third wife of Elagabalus in 221 AD, but was divorced later the same year. (D.R. Sear, Greek Imperial Coins, p. 303).
Gadoury 2012, lot 319.
Helios 5, lot 713.
Aufhäuser 11, lot 297.