Coins 85

Caracalla with Plautilla (198-217). Caria, Stratonicea. Medallic AE Medaillon (22,53 gr. – 37 mm.). Kl. Nikephoros Dionysios, prytanis for the second time. D.\: Draped busts of Plautilla and Caracalla, laureate and cuirassed, facing one another; c/m's: Bust of Caracalla right within incuse circle and ΘЄOV within incuse rectangle. R.\: Zeus Panamaros, holding sceptre, riding horse right; lighted altar to right. Cf. SNG von Aulock 2695; cf. Triton XVI, lot 701 (which realized a hammer of $2,600). For c/m's: Howgego 84 & 536. qBB. RR.


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