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Coins 336 Julius Caesar. AV Aureus, 46 BC. Rome mint; Aulus Hirtius, praetor. D/ C. CAESAR COS. TER. Veiled female head (Vesta or Pietas?) right. R/ Emblems of the augurate and pontificate: lituus, guttus and securis; A HIRTIVS T (sic) R. around. Cr. 466/1. RBW 1636. Calicó 36. AV. g. 8.12 mm. 20.00 A very attractive example, well centred on a broad flan. About EF. Aulus Hirtius, praetor at the time this coin was struck, was a close friend of both Cicero and Caesar, and had served as the latter’s legate in Gaul. He was consul in 43 BC, having been nominated by Caesar, and was sent along with Octavian and Pansa against Antony, who was besieging Decimus Brutus at Mutina. Hirtius defeated Antony but fell while leading the assault on his camp. Hirtius is credited with completing Caesar’s commentaries on the Gallic, Alexandrine, African, and Spanish wars. (Triton XXI, 661 note).