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Stunning Nomos
Lot # 67
Greek Italy. Southern Apulia, Tarentum. AR Nomos, 280-272 BC. Arethon, Sa-, and Cas-, magistrates. Obv. Youth, nude, on horseback right, crowning horse with wreath held in his right hand, left hand on rein; ΣΑ behind, ΑΡΕ/ΘΩΝ in two lines below. Rev. ΤΑΡΑΣ. Taras astride dolphin left, holding tripod and resting left hand on back of dolphin; below, CΑΣ. HN Italy 957; Vlasto 666; SNG ANS 1046-50. AR. 7.98 g. 22.00 mm. Superb Nomos, exceptionally struck from fresh dies; enchanting light tone with underlying luster and warm hues. With label Numismatica Ars Classica. Good EF.