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Nicephorus & Stauracius at Syracuse
Lot # 698
Nicephorus I with Stauracius (802-811 AD). AV Semissis. Syracuse mint, 810-811 AD. Obv. Legend of -flan. Crowned facing bust of Nicephorus, wearing chlamys, holding globus cruciger and akakia. Rev. ST-AVRA. Crowned facing bust of Stauracius, holding cross potent on globus and akakia. D.O. 7; Sear 1609; Anastasi 469. AV. 1.85 g. 14.00 mm. RRR. Very rare and in high state of preservation. Brilliant and lightly toned, minor areas of flat strike, otherwise. EF/About EF.
Ex DNW 29 sept. 2008, 6308.