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THESSALY. Larissa. Circa 420-400 BC. Drachm (Silver, 20.80 mm, 5.95 g). The hero Thessalos naked on the right, with chlamys and petasos fluttering on his shoulders; holds a band with both hands around the forehead of a bull leaping right; all within a dotted border. Rev. ΛΑΡΙ / ΣΑΙΑ Bridled horse with trailing rein prancing right; all within shallow incuse square. Lorber, Thessalian Hoards and the Coinage of Larissa, AJN 20, 2008, Taf. 42, 53. BCD Thessaly II, 171 var.(ethnic). HGC 4, 418 var.(ethnic). SNG Cop. 107. BMC Thessaly to Aetolia, 27, 30. Toned and well centered. Some deposits, otherwise, Good Very Fine.
Starting price: CHF 750
Current bid: CHF 750
B.P.: 18.50%
Closing on: 2023-12-09 15:00:00 Roma time
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